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The Best Garage Door Openers to Match Your Lifestyle

With so many garage door openers in the market today, how can you tell which one is perfect for your home? It is important to know that not all garage doors were made equally; some garage door openers are equipped with features that may just be right for your large, multi-car garage, while others may only be suitable for a simple garage arrangement. Either way, you deserve to own a garage door opener that can make your mornings comfortable.

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Choosing the best garage door openers is a challenge to many homeowners. Garage door openers today are no longer the simple machines they used to be. Today, a garage door opener is not just expected to open or close a garage door, some are equipped with cameras and other complex parts that make them reliable security systems for one of your home's weakest points: the garage.

Before purchasing a garage door opener, consider asking for the recommendations of a garage door specialist. Mention your garage size, how many cars you have, and what kind of garage door opener would make your rush hour mornings less stressful, along with your budget. Oftentimes, you will get the garage door opener with features you will surely maximize.

Qualities to Consider When Searching for the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Garage

Garage door openers come with certain qualities that can show whether or not they would be ideal in small homes or in double-garage homes.

For smaller families with one vehicle in the garage, a simple garage door opener equipped with the usual features may be enough; however, if you are willing to shed a few more hundred dollars for the right features, there are garage door openers equipped with a better locking system and an improved lighting system.

For families with two or more vehicles in their garage, the best garage door opener to install is undoubtedly those that come with additional features that are not commonly found in your average garage door. These additional features may include remote security features such as the capability to lock garage doors remotely. Additional security features that are highly sought after in garage doors also include impressive security systems such as motion sensor detectors, CCTV capabilities, and open-timer systems which means the opener closes the garage door automatically, hands free, after a given period of time.

Qualities Found in the Best Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers come in different types and motors. There are belt-driver openers, which are affordable, but somewhat noisy, screw-drive openers, which are quiet, and belt-drives which are fairly quiet, but can be quite pricey. When it comes to the motor, the most standard motor speed is 1/2 horsepower. For more complex garage doors, there are 3/4 horsepower motors in the market too. For heavier garage doors (or garage doors that are larger and heavier), a 1-horsepower motor is highly-recommended.

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Consider these qualities before purchasing a garage door. Do you want a quiet garage door opener for a standard door? You might want to go with a 1/2 horsepower, belt-drive opener. Is your garage door made of wood and does it come with an insulation system? Your opener of choice are those that come with 3/4 horsepower with a screw-drive.

For best results, consult with a garage door technician before making your mind up on a garage door opener purchase. Never underestimate the advice you can get from a garage door pro!